How to Decorate and Plan in my Hobonichi Weeks

How to Decorate and Plan in my Hobonichi Weeks

There are different ways to decorate and use your Hobonichi Weeks functionally. I kept this week's spread simple in week October 14 to October 20th. Follow along!

Refer to this photo here: 

Hobonichi Week, Weekly Spread, Functional Layout

First step, I add my dates cover up on the left. I filled out all the dates right away in case I forget to write it at a later time (this has happened before).

Second step, I add our functional to do stickers beside our date cover ups. I planned on writing out all the to do list for each every day. The main focus is to focus on the top 3 or 4 items that you wishes to accomplish for that day.

As the week goes on, I plan on adding more Mimi (our main character) stickers somewhere in the week. 

Lets focus on the right page now! The right page is my main overview / tracker page. I enjoy tracking daily weather cast. I planned on tracking my weather by putting down our Mimi weather stickers. 

The top section on the right page. I section it off by to do, which do not have a specific day to complete the task. The second section is 'notes'. This note section, I planned writing random notes that are not related to task list. This could be simple as a reminder or event for upcoming week, etc. 

On a final step, I simply decorate the page using our Mimi skinny washi stickers. 

Products listed below in case if you're wondering where to get them! 

1. To do stickers 
2. Skinny Washi Stickers
3. Meal Tracker Stickers 

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