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Neku Motivational - You Can Do It! Sticky Notes

Neku Motivational - You Can Do It! Sticky Notes

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Neku sticky notes are now available!

Neku Sticky Note Info:
- 25 sheets
- Post-it® Notes material
- Transparent grid to align your writing or even a check list
- Paper is designed to be a bit thinner in which may not be suitable for permanent pen
- Original hand-drawn art created by Cindi with love

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Shipping: Shipping processing time located at the top left corner. Flat rate shipping for all stickers order. This means you can buy as much stickers without additional cost. 


The sticker sheet measures approximately 3.3" x 4.4"


Artwork printed on the highest quality settings on matte sticker paper. Color may vary from monitor to monitor. Watermark will not be on the final product. 

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